Premade Bullet Journal opened on Cover Page Premade Bullet Journal opened on Cover Page Premade Bullet Journal opened on Cover Page

The cutest yearly planners

Premade Bullet Journals

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100% recycled paper


hand-drawn designs

Black & Brown Bullet Journals available now 😍🤎 The other colors are unfortunately sold out until further notice.

When Quality meets sustainability


Our bullet journals lie super flat on each page and have bright white as well as very soft paper.

100% recycled paper

We use bright white recycled paper made from 100% secondary fibres.


Every page, every detail is unique and not one line straightened. It feels as though it were drawn by you.

Premade Bullet Journal September Cover Page


The weekly pages are varied and always unique! Let us surprise you!

Your Bullet Journal has a new theme every month, with an individual design each page.

Bullet Journal Cup of Coffee Mood Tracker


With the monthly mood tracker you have the possibility to increase your self-reflection. On the Brain Dump page you can let your thoughts run free and with the monthly overview you can keep track of your appointments - of course always in the unique style of the monthly theme

If you like to keep your appointments in a yearly overview, you can do this on the first two pages.

Premade Bullet Journal August Mood Tracker


If you like to fill out your bullet journal with life, you can do so with our black and white bujo. Just decide yourself which month you want a specific color scheme.

"Enjoy your planning!"

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What is bullet journaling?

A bullet journal (short: bujo) is a dotted journal in which you can draw your own calendar, diary, notebook or to-do lists. You design the layout of each day, week and month. What exactly you do with your bujo and how you use it is up to you.

For example, the following things are often drawn:
  • The individual days (usually in the form of weekly pages)
  • To-do lists (weekly, monthly or always individually, depending on your needs)
  • Goals (The frequency also varies as with the to-do lists)
  • Overviews such as yearly and monthly overviews
  • Trendy: Mood trackers - With mood trackers, you color-code every day according to your mood. Each mood has a specific color and at the end of the month you can reflect your feelings.

There are many more cool ideas. Craftsy Hacks introduced a few in her article.

General benefits of bullet journaling

  • Drawing and implementing creative ideas can be a lot of fun
  • The bullet journal is tailored to one's needs
  • Can benefit your clarity and self-reflection
  • It is fun to develop better organizational skills
  • Productivity can be increased
  • Projects and goals can be tracked and portrayed in a measurable way
  • Motivation for a structured and organised daily life is boosted
  • Creativity is encouraged
Pre Made Bullet Journal Weekly Spread September

Reasons for a premade bullet journal

The main reasons are the following four: time, effort, convenience and money.

  • Time: Creating a bullet journal yourself takes a lot of time. In addition to having a full daily life, this can become a challenge.
  • Effort: A bullet journal costs a lot of effort and above all a lot of creativity.
  • Convenience: A Bullet Journal is often started, but then not finished.
  • Money: When designing a bullet journal, you need a lot of supplies. This can get very expensive over the months.

Self-drawn or pre made Bullet Journal?

There are pros and cons for both options and it is just a question of personal preference. The classical option obviously leaves more space for you to create your own layout and design. With the classical option of bullet journaling, designing every page yourself can be very fun but also time consuming and difficult. The journal only comes with dotted pages and the rest is filled with your creativity. For some this is a passion, for others it can be overwhelming at times, so having a premade journal is a great alternative. With a premade bullet journal the layout and design is given so you can focus on filling the sections in while enjoying the feeling of having drawn it yourself.


So concluding you can say that classical bullet journaling is for those who love creating their own and have a passion for journaling in addition to having the needed time.

A premade journal is for those who love the feeling and concept of a self-drawn bullet journal but don’t have the time or energy to create their own.