About us

We are Lynn and Jean-Nico, the team behind yourbujo and a couple in private life. We may be a small business, but we're passionate! From designing to shipping – we handle everything ourselves. If you have any questions or suggestions, we are always here for you.

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Our story

Yourbujo originally had the desire to pass on the feeling of the hand-drawn Journal - To those who can't find the time or pleasure to create one of their own.

"Planning can and should be fun!"

For this we wanted to pre-design a Journal that would then be produced using high-quality materials. Natural irregularities and handmade nuances are part of this unique charm. Every page, every detail is unique and hand-drawn with not a single line straightened! Our goal: A perfectly imperfect Journal.

Thus began a long journey where we attempted to develop our vision. This proved to be much more challenging than anticipated. With no prior knowledge in this industry, we encountered many unexpected challenges.

When we held our Journals in our hands for the first time, we were overwhelmed. The quality is palpable, and the sensation of writing in them is simply incredible. The long journey, the highs and lows, they were all worth it. Now, we stand here, relieved and endlessly happy with the result.

After the enthusiastic response to our premade Journals, there grew a desire to offer a similarly high-quality and sustainable notebook for those who don't prefer a premade planner.

"Convinced of our values, we decided to also offer high-quality dotted notebooks made from 100% recycled paper."

Our values


    From the beginning, our desire was to produce the highest quality products. Both in terms of materials, like our paper, and in our workmanship.


    We, the team behind yourbujo, always strive to remain honest and authentic. We deeply value the close contact we have with our community, with all of you!


    We use 100% recycled paper and our packaging is fully plastic-free and eco-friendly. Plus, we are committed to CO2-neutral shipping.

Selbstgemaltes Café
Bullet Journal April Cover Page


We are endlessly happy with our Journals. Here's what we're most proud of:

  • They lie super flat on each page. No matter if at the beginning, in the middle or at the end.
  • The paper is made of 100% secondary fibres (recycled paper).
  • They are made of very high-quality, brilliantly white, and especially thick paper with a soft surface. This ensures no color show-through, no pen imprinting, or bleeding, even with very wet pens.
Selbstgemalte Kaffeebohnen